Separate the mirror from the mirror frame by prying off the piece(s) of wood in the back of the mirror while holding the mirror in place with the hammer. Set the mirror aside.
Paint the wooden box white, or whatever color is preferred.

Tips & Warnings

Fireplaces create a main focal point in a room.They are pleasing to the eye with their warm glow and dramatic architecture. If.
Just because your lease forbids roaring fireplaces in your apartment, doesn't mean you can't create the illusion of a warming hearth. You.
Transform your old, drab fireplace into a beautiful focal point by adding faux stone to the surround area. Faux stone, or cultured.
A stone fireplace is a way to give a room in your house an instantly rustic appearance and provide a decorative mantel.

Corner fireplace mantels have the advantage of providing more space than traditional fireplace mantels. Still, the rules for decorating a fireplace mantel.
A corner fireplace is designed to save space and it also has a unique look. The corner fireplace is usually flush against.
Corner Fireplace Surround Ideas. The surround of a fireplace can serve as more than a spot to keep embers and sparks from.
Get the look of a real fireplace at a fraction of the cost by using a decorative fake fireplace. Faux fireplaces are.
There is nothing more homey than a fireplace in the living room or bedroom. You may even consider spicing up a traditional.
Stone fireplace mantles add a rustic sense of ambiance to any room. Unfortunately they are expensive to have constructed and difficult to.
As long as people have been living indoors, they have been instinctively drawn to fireplaces. Even "fake" or faux fireplaces impart a.
Design Ideas for a Corner Fireplace. Fireplaces can add an enjoyable element to a home's environment. However, incorporating a tasteful fireplace can.
Built-in fireplaces typically create an automatic focal point in a room, which can also serve as the center of your decor. Corner.
While every room in your home can present a challenge when it comes to arranging your furniture, working around a set object.
Facing your fireplace with stone veneers enhances the look of your living room and increases the value of your home. You'll get.
Faux fireplaces are very useful when creating stage sets, decorating children's bedrooms or simply as a Christmas decoration to hang stockings from.
Fireplaces constructed of brick or another type of facade can be updated by adding faux rock. Using faux rock is cheaper and.
Create a focal point for your outdoor entertainment space by making an outside fireplace. An outside fireplace is made from fieldstone that.

Fake Fireplaces

Welcome to the World of Fake Fireplaces

Fireplaces can add the perfect touch of ambiance for a get-together and beautifully enhance even a small living environment. You too can experience such pleasure with a fake fireplace! It will fill your home with a mesmerizing, soft glow devoid of the disturbance of burning ash and chopping wood. To begin, choose from our three easy-to-install styles: gas burning, gel burning, and electric.
Electric Fireplaces
If you live in a small home or apartment and prefer the stylish addition of a fireplace at a 100-percent efficiency level, perhaps the electric model is most appropriate. These units run off of standard 110v electricity and come with an automatic shut-off command to keep you worry-free of smoldering embers. Determine the best location for your fireside retreat, plug in your electric model, and relax!
The unique gel burning fireplace makes for an ideal enhancement to your warm-climate residence. This portable unit does not emit any heat; instead reusable, match-lit, gel canisters are placed behind a set of realistic logs to illuminate the radiance and tranquility of your home during your peaceful evenings indoors. For an authentic look without the extra warmth, gel fireplaces make for the best selection.
The options of a replica fireplace can add the perfect element to your home, whether your goal is ambiance, heat, or both. Available accessories can also add a touch of style to your new unit and provide the sense of a traditional wood burning fireplace. Peek at our models and decide which will add the right hint of elegance to your home.

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