How to Decorate a Multi-Face Fireplace Mantel


Install a directional light source to accentuate the shape of the mantel. Situating an overhead light so that it strikes one side of the multi-sided fireplace mantle adds dramatic shadows to fireplaces with more than one face.
Arrange art on the mantel to create alluring silhouettes. Use your fireplace's ability to cast shadows to your advantage. If your multi-face fireplace features a 2- to 3-foot flat mantel top, placing a large sculpture there may produce a dramatically elongated shadow that approaches your ceiling. Decorate a multi-face fireplace with narrow mantel areas with several sculptural objects that create intriguing silhouettes when the fire is burning and the lights are low.

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Two-Sided Fireplaces

A Fireplace for Inside and Out

Two walls of retractable glass doors seamlessly connect this interior sitting area to the exterior patio and bar. A large stone fireplace in the center of both rooms lends warmth and subtle separation and helps the spaces feel more grounded.

Fireplace as a Focal Point

Make a two-sided fireplace the focal point of your home. This dramatic concrete fireplace is impossible to miss from almost anywhere on the first level of the house. It also helps define spaces and highlights the home's sleek, modern design aesthetic.

Two-For-One Fireplace

A two-sided wood-burning fireplace is less expensive to install than two separate fireplaces because it requires only one flue and chimney.
Situated between the dining room and kitchen. this fireplace includes an understated yet pretty fireplace surround, which complements the traditional vibe created through the furnishings and decorative elements in both rooms.

Gas Fireplace

Convenient and fuss-free, gas fireplaces allow you to warm a room (or two) with just the flick of a switch. If you live in a colder climate, consider adding a gas insert to your wood-burning fireplace to heat your home more efficiently. This ultra-modern gas fireplace not only looks great, but it also heats the dining room and living room simultaneously.

Fireplace in a Master Suite

Turn your master bedroom into a luxurious retreat with a two-sided fireplace. This sleek gas fireplace seamlessly connects the bedroom and bath. The massive dark wood surround not only functions as a statement-making focal point, but it also includes a hidden media cabinet .

Fireplace as a Room Divider

A two-sided fireplace can create a partial wall or peninsula to divide an area and define its uses. It is particularly effective in a lengthy living room like this one, where the space could look stark and cold without some sort of separation. The dark, eye-catching surround provides contrast to the neutral walls and flooring.

Hefty Fireplace Surround

Built into a structural wall, this two-sided wood-burning fireplace helps create a comfortable flow between the family room and adjacent dining room. A substantial fireplace surround helps balance the proportions of the tall ceilings and makes the room feel cozier.

Fireplace with Bold Surround

Upgrade a standard gas fireplace with a new, eye-catching surround. A partition between the master bedroom and bathroom was revamped, transforming the fireplace into a focal point for both rooms. Large rectangular tiles frame the fireplace, while a massive wood mantel injects modern style.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Nothing beats the ambience of a wood-burning fireplace. In this home, a two-sided version adds warmth and character to both the living room and dining room. A hefty limestone hearth plays up the architectural details throughout the rest of the home.

Sophisticated Fireplace

A fireplace does not always have to make a bold statement to create impact. Here, a white-painted wooden mantel blends harmoniously with soft beige walls for an understated look that complements the home's refined decor .

Sleek Fireplace

This two-sided gas fireplace adds warmth without being obtrusive. The clean-lined stone surround creates a streamlined look that blends perfectly with the bathroom's modern look. As an alternative to faux logs in your gas fireplace, consider a pile of ceramic river rocks, decorative metal balls, or an eye-catching fire bowl .

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